How to know if a web site is reliable - period 4/5

  1. By the web address if it contains .gov, .org, .edu, they are reliable because they are government, non profit organizations, or college sites. If it contains a tilde it may be created by an individual and may be unreliable.
  2. Who put up the site? Is it a well known author ,or is it a random person? If the person is well known he/she is more likely to be reliable than the average person.
  3. Does the author show his sources? This is important so you can check to see if his sources are reliable or not. If he has no sources it may not be as reliable.
  4. Does the information seem to advertise something? If it does it may not be true ,because they are trying to sell something and may not be as truthful.
  5. The date when the site was made or updated. It may just be old information that isn’t found to be true anymore. How many of the links are dead links? ;
  6. - This site can evaluate if the website is real or fictional. Look at things like if it was updated. What things were updated on the page. Is the information reliable. Is it current information. Who are the authors. Can you reach them.
  7. Shows reliable websites.
  8. - Tells you how to determine a reliable website More reliable websites.
  9. Is the site filled with errors. Like in spelling and other general things.