Web 2.0 Resources for Integration

Add web 2.0 resources here so that others can use to integrated into best practices.
Visit the complete Web 2.0 Directory to see what's available. Here are a few that you can use.

  1. Eyespot / Jumpcut / Cuts - Online video editors.
  2. Voice Thread - Put a voice with your photos. Students can annotate photos and discuss them online.
  3. My Chingo - allow others to record comments directly onto your site.
  4. Fauxto - Online photo editor that is very similar to Adobe Photoshop.
  5. GeeSee - Create private and public chat rooms and embed the widget onto your web site, blog, or wiki.
  6. MindMeister / Gliffy Drawanywhere- Create and collaborate in real time or asynchronously on mind maps and graphic organizers. Incorporate various web tools and hyperlinks.
  7. Ning - Create and customize your own social networks.
  8. PollDaddy - Create your own polls and embed them on your web site, blog, or wiki.
  9. ScrapBlog - Create private and public online "scrapbooks" that incorporate images,
  10. video, narration, audio, and hyperlinks.
  11. SplashCast - Create your own media channels and shows by incorporating video,
  12. images, podcasts, blogs, and other web resources.
  13. SlideShare - Post your presentations - collaborate through message, comments.
  14. Embed your presentations on your web site, blog, or wiki.
  15. Swivel - Data sets, graphs, charts, etc. All can be embedded and manipulated.
  16. TeacherTube - YouTube for educators and students.
  17. Flickr - Online photo hosting, blogs, groups, tagging and geotagging, etc.
  18. Google Earth - go anywhere in the world!!
  19. Wikispaces - Free ad-free wikis for teachers!
  20. dotSUB - create, save and translate your media into any language. Very cool!!
  21. Picnik - edit your photos
  22. Screencast-o-matic - record your screen and export movies or media casts.
  23. Camtasia - another desktop recorder for free!!! Download Camtasia3.1.http://download.techsmith.com/camtasiastudio/enu/312/camtasiaf.exe Get the serial # for Camtasia 3.1.3
  24. Gizmoz - animate yourself with a cool avatar and your own photo.
  25. Animoto - easily create videos with images. AWESOME!!
  26. Letterpop - Free online Newsletters!!! AWESOME!!
  27. Vuvox - Create a free personal video channel
  28. Jing - create video training as you record your desktop!
  29. Scriblink - wow, collaborate and share, work with anyone, anytime for free!!
  30. Kerpoof - create, write, draw and share. A fun way for kids to express their creative minds!!
  31. Camstudio - create and capture your desktop on the PC
  32. Copernicus - capture your desktop and create movies on a MAC
  33. Browzmi[[http://download.techsmith.com/camtasiastudio/enu/312/camtasiaf.exe|]] - browse the internet together. Great for collaboration and research!!! What a great tool!!
  34. Webnode - a great web site host to for building creative and visually appealing web sites.